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Long-distance RF over fibre upgrade for key Singapore service provider

O'Connor's Singapore Pte Ltd, a System Integrator and distributor of Communications and RF Electronics equipment in SE Asia and other countries, has chosen ViaLite Communications’ CWDM L-Band over fibre solution for a long-distance link implemented by a major Singapore Service Provider.

The ViaLite range of CWDM (plus WDM and DWDM) products allow multiple channels, travelling in either direction, to be simultaneously combined over a single fibre. This means signals can be multiplexed into existing infrastructure or the number of dark fibres being leased can be reduced; lowering costs.

The equipment was an expansion of an existing CWDM solution previously provided by O’Connor’s Singapore for long-distance RF over fibre connectivity in Singapore.

ViaLite Long Distance Link System

ViaLite APAC Sales Manager, John Meyers, said: “As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lifts from APAC, we have seen a pent-up demand for products and solutions such as this Singapore order. It’s encouraging to see people going back to the office and the field, addressing similar expansions that were delayed by the pandemic.”

ViaLite also provides Long Distance DWDM Link Systems connecting distances up to 600 km apart. As well as being available for dark fibre, these systems can be used on lit fibre, which can be a more cost-effective option for teleport operators through a specific choice and design of DWDM components.


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