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Marlink and OneWeb to bring strong connectivity to energy, enterprise and humanitarian sectors

OneWeb, the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications company and Marlink, the Smart Network Company, have joined forces to bring OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency connectivity to the maritime, energy, enterprise and humanitarian sectors.

Marlink operates a global industry leading VSAT network and has unrivalled market access providing remote communications across the maritime, offshore and onshore energy, enterprise and humanitarian sectors. In partnership with OneWeb, Marlink will further enhance the capabilities of its hybrid network solutions and offer its customers truly differentiated, flexible, reliable and secure connectivity solutions, optimized for every application.

The two companies plan to concentrate on the energy sector in regions above the 50th parallel north from January 2022, expanding to the maritime, energy, enterprise and humanitarian sectors on a global scale from January 2023.

Together OneWeb and Marlink will deploy, test and demonstrate several types of user terminals and LEO connectivity services to customers across these market segments.

Alexandre de Luca, President Energy, Enterprise and Government at Marlink said: “We are delighted to be working with OneWeb to deliver a new global, high-speed, low latency connectivity solution that is in strong demand by our remote communication customers across the market segments we serve.”

Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime at Marlink added: “Together with OneWeb, we will significantly improve Marlink’s hybrid connectivity solutions for our energy and maritime customers. Adding OneWeb’s capabilities will further enhance our smart hybrid network to support the digitalization of our customers’ remote operations, and in particular to enable our customers’ cloud applications.”

Carole Plessy, OneWeb’s Vice President of Maritime said: “OneWeb is building a new generation of business broadband services, powered by Low Earth Orbit satellites to create a truly global connectivity network to the high seas. OneWeb, together with Marlink connectivity solutions, will allow the maritime industry a pathway to digitalization, both on and offshore. Marlink is the highly respected industry leader and we are delighted to be introducing the first steps in our partnership to the industry.”

OneWeb is making significant progress in building its constellation and currently has 394 satellites in Low Earth Orbit, representing more than 60% of its planned fleet, delivering connectivity to customers in remote regions of Alaska, Canada and the North Sea. Launches will continue during 2022 to enable the company to offer commercial connectivity services globally for maritime in 2023.


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