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Marlink to provide satellite connectivity solution to Irish Defence Forces

Marlink, the leading provider of smart network solutions, has been awarded the contract to equip the Irish Defence Forces with a secure and reliable satellite connectivity solution for their global military missions across land and sea.

The agreement will see the country’s defence forces concentrate their communications infrastructure with dedicated expertise, consolidating traffic into Marlink’s global smart hybrid network, combining relevant connectivity carriers including VSAT and L-Band networks.

Marlink will enable connectivity for the Irish Defence Forces via numerous designated sites including fixed operational deployments in Lebanon and Syria as well as mobile troop deployments in Europe and Africa.

The Irish Defence Forces require connectivity via secure satellite backhaul on a 24/7 basis. Systems to be deployed include high throughput VSAT between command centres and remote locations and mobile satcom solutions for military personnel.

“The Irish Defence Forces requires a communications partner with a network that is agile and also highly scalable in both setup and operations and most importantly, the provider must support our requirements globally,” said Comd John Kenny OIC Comms Section, DFHQ, Irish Defence Forces.

“Meeting the needs for military connectivity is always a challenge we look forward to, as it allows us to demonstrate our unique capabilities to provide a reliable, secure service in support of command and operational activities,” says Alexandre DeLuca, President, Enterprise, Marlink. “The Irish Defence Forces recognised that as an agnostic provider of connectivity, we could assemble a smart network solution that keeps its people and assets connected anywhere, anytime.”


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