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Marshall Slingsby and IrvinGQ celebrate ten years of collaboration on naval decoy systems

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites (MSAC) and IrvinGQ are celebrating ten years of collaborative work on Naval Decoy Systems, which are crucial surface ship protection against anti-ship missiles.

A Surface Ship can come under attack from multiple threats and enemy missiles, therefore requiring comprehensive protection, even when all power has been lost on board.

The answer is an Anti-Missile floating decoy system, which is a crucial enemy distraction and confusion solution that provides that essential layer of defence.

Through MSAC’s complex composite processing techniques, they manufacture the decoy launcher tube structures that deploys the IrvinGQ Decoy equipment.

Over these 10 years, IrvinGQ and Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites have successfully delivered and maintained Decoy Systems to the Royal Navy, US Navy and other international customers helping to protect our armed forces.


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