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MARSS Group selects Riyadh as its hub for Middle East capabilities

MARSS Group have expanded their operations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, establishing a permanent entity in the region. Headquartered in Riyadh, the office is dedicated to providing delivery, implementation, training and service support for their infrastructure and asset protection offering. MARSS is an advocate of Vision 2030, the strategic framework to reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil, diversify its economy and develop public service sectors, and plans to create a strong Saudi focussed team.

MARSS Group will be working with national governmental organisations to offer intelligent in-kingdom solutions that are carefully tailored to the requirements of the region, such as it’s state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence driven NiDAR CUAS system and border protection products.

The Saudi team, led by Managing Director Andy Forbes MBE, has grown exponentially since 2020 and aims to be 50 strong before the end of 2021. Working collaboratively with partners and clients, the Arabic-speaking Riyadh office will ensure knowledge transfer of operations and support as part of a local presence that offers customers better, faster and more localised solutions.

Andy commented: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has really evolved over the past five years, and in terms of market opportunity and appetite, it is the perfect hub for our operations. Many high-profile businesses are moving to the area, and we look forward to joining them and working with local industry alike.”

Despite the global pandemic, MARSS has seen a continued demand for its solutions, with the Middle East a key demographic. The establishment of MARSS KSA highlights this, signalling investment in the region and the Group’s desire to expand both its operations and corporate footprint.

Johannes Pinl, CEO and Founder of MARSS concluded: “Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and regional proximity makes it the perfect hub for us to expand into both nationally and regionally. Security accounts for 35% of its national spend, signalling not only the opportunity, but the requirement for only the best systems to keep people and places safe. Our solutions are primed to do this, evidenced by this year’s exceptional growth, despite the pandemic. Our investment in the region means we can better meet client demand and provide them with every proof point necessary to show that we are their partner. After over 12 active years in the Kingdom, we’re now excited to have a permanent presence in the area, bringing us even closer to our partners.”

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