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Maxar awards L3Harris large deployable reflectors contract

L3Harris Technologies today announced a contract from Maxar Technologies to design and build reflector antennas for two geostationary communication satellites.

The two nine-meter unfurlable mesh reflector antennas will provide high-power signals and improved service quality across the satellites’ coverage areas. Similar to an umbrella, the flexible architecture of the antenna makes it collapsible, lightweight, compact and easy to integrate onto nearly any spacecraft configuration.

“We continue to deliver unmatched performance in space antenna solutions,” said Ed Zoiss, President, Space and Airborne Systems, L3Harris. “This is why L3Harris remains the most experienced manufacturer and number-one provider of mission-critical large reflector antennas.”

The high-performance reflector antennas, to be built in L3Harris’ Palm Bay, Florida facilities, feature an L3Harris-proprietary, gold-plated mesh-reflective surface that, coupled with a unique design, maximizes antenna gain and provides improved performance required for mobile media services.

Since 1979, L3Harris has delivered more than 100 large deployable reflectors, leading the market and pushing the boundaries of space antenna technology.


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