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MConnected selects EchoStar Mobile S-band satellite services for offering in Europe and the UK

EchoStar Mobile, providing connectivity across Europe through a hybrid satellite and terrestrial network, today announced that MConnected, a provider of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Asset Intelligence solutions, has become an authorized distribution partner of its S-band mobile satellite services. EchoStar Mobile’s vertically integrated portfolio includes hardware from Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), and an S-band network operating from the wideband EchoStar XXI satellite.

Pete Johnson, CEO of MConnected, said: “The strategic alignment of MConnected and EchoStar Mobile allows us to fully support the critical infrastructure monitoring vertical. The integration of high-quality and resilient satellite data backhaul and new low-powered wide area networks brings a brand-new service to the market. We are delighted to be distribution partners for EchoStar Mobile and look forward to morphing our product sets together to deliver a complete Asset Intelligence solution to this very important sector.”

“We welcome MConnected as a Distribution Partner for our mobile satellite services portfolio in the UK and Europe,” said Telemaco Melia, general manager of EchoStar Mobile. “EchoStar Mobile’s reliable and robust connectivity services provide a powerful complement to MConnected’s offerings, enabling bi-directional, real-time connectivity for IoT and Asset Intelligence across a range of sectors.”

Andrew Bland, MConnected’s Business Development Director, added: “Monitoring and securing critical infrastructure and understanding climate and environmental issues are essential to the health of our global economy. In our complex society, services, infrastructure, transport and communities are interdependent; if one fails, all are affected – making monitoring and intelligence absolutely imperative. Together with EchoStar Mobile, we aim to help organisations across the coverage area to design, implement and support IoT and Asset Intelligence solutions, to meet not just the challenges of today, but the needs of tomorrow as well.”

Both Hughes and EchoStar Mobile are subsidiaries of EchoStar Corporation.


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