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Mercury introduces the industry’s first open blade server architecture for defense systems

Mercury Systems introduced the Common Module System (CMS) X08, the industry’s first rugged, open standards-based blade server architecture to deliver a plug-n-play infrastructure model for tactical platforms operating at sea, on land, or in the air. Mercury’s solution is built around the Open Compute Project (OCP®) openEDGE standard and allows customers to eliminate vendor lock-in, simplify technology upgrades, reduce costs, and accelerate workloads.

Why It Matters

Organizations that manage tactical data centers, signal processing systems, and remotely located console controllers have historically been locked into a single hardware provider for their blade ecosystems. With this new architecture, users can mix and match modules from various vendors into a Mercury chassis, creating a system tailored to their needs.

By leveraging the openEDGE standard as a catalyst for innovation, CMS X08 accelerates the deployment and refresh of advanced server technologies. With advanced thermal and mechanical design features that deliver superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes, CMS X08 is the only OCP-based server capable of surviving edge deployments for aerospace and defense customers.

“The ability to integrate multiple vendor modules into a single system creates a mission advantage for customers that rely on the latest compute, storage, and networking technologies to operate in harsh environments,” said Brian Perry, Mercury’s Senior Vice President for Mission Systems. “By leveraging the principles of Modular Open Systems Approach and maintaining compatibility with the standards set forth by the Open Compute Project, CMS X08 delivers new capability, establishes a foundation for rapid technical updates, and optimizes configurability for our customers. Embodying efficiency, scalability, and openness, CMS X08 sets new standards for integrated systems, transforming the way we empower and support our customers on their missions.”

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