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Mission Microwave announces major IFC wins

Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC, a manufacturer of highly efficient Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) has confirmed orders of over eight million dollars for airborne certified transceivers and Block Upconverters (BUCs) used in commercial aviation In-Flight Connectivity.

Mission Microwave’s engineers and product managers have worked closely with customers in designing, certifying and manufacturing products that are DO-160 compliant and can be used for commercial aviation applications. Recent industry announcements by major airlines and global service providers are based on the Mission Microwave products and represent a strong initial showing for Mission in this market.

Mission Microwave is providing Ku-band HPTs to replace lower power HPTs that are approaching end of life or being installed in new installations. Mission Microwave’s industry-leading competency in designing compact and highly efficient amplifiers has enabled their customers to offer an upgrade path that will extend the life and improve the utility of their IFC offerings.

Mission Microwave President and CEO Francis Auricchio said “Our technology and operations team have worked for several years to earn the certifications required to manufacture products for commercial aviation. Our aviation industry customers were able to take advantage of Mission Microwave’s highly efficient and reliable designs to improve their product and service offers to their customers. We expect the aviation sector of our business to continue to grow substantially now that our customer base includes the largest global IFC providers”.


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