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Mission Microwave reaches significant manufacturing milestone

Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC, announces that it has reached a milestone in the manufacturing of more than 10,000 Solid State Block Upconverters for their customers.

The company was founded in 2014 to bring advances in Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors to the satellite terminal business. The majority of the 10,000 units manufactured since inception were built and shipped over the past two years and have supported the rapidly growing SATCOM Mobility market in X-, Ku- and Ka-band at power levels up to 400 watts.

“Our customers support the most demanding applications in the SATCOM industry,” said Francis Auricchio, President and CEO of Mission Microwave. “When the team started Mission Microwave, we knew that our target customers would welcome an RF equipment supplier willing to work with them to push the envelope and explore the art of the possible; being both practical and producible in volume. Product performance, reliable support, and a devoted workforce, combined with our strength in RF design, have enabled this rapid growth. With a solid base of top-tier customers and a number of recent wins in the aviation and non-GEO gateway markets, we expect our customers to enjoy greater success in the future.”

Block Upconverters and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) are typically one of the most complex and expensive components in SATCOM earth stations. The expertise required to design and manufacture these high power and high frequency products is unique and highly sought after within the space and defense industries. Mission Microwave leads the industry in high power Ka-band BUCs at power levels in excess of 200 watts, with hundreds of units deployed in harsh environments.


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