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MT Aerospace celebrates milestone in European Space Transportation: Successful first launch of the Ariane 6

European Space Transportation: Successful first launch of the Ariane 6
Successful first launch of the Ariane 6. Image courtesy of ESA

The successful first launch of the European Ariane 6 launcher is a milestone in MT Aerospace's corporate history. As the largest German supplier, MT Aerospace is responsible for the development, design and manufacturing of the metallic aerostructures of the new European launcher. The production of the tanks and structural components for the upper and core stages is a significant part of the Augsburg-based aerospace company's production and represents a work share of around 10% of the total launcher. MT Aerospace has introduced several innovations to increase the performance and reduce the costs of the European launcher. These include new manufacturing technologies such as the introduction of shot peening using AI processes to form components and the use of aluminum lithium as the material for the new launcher.


MT Aerospace is well prepared for the upcoming ramp-up, as the components for the launched flight model were already delivered in 2020. The company will deliver the 13th flight model in 2024 and the successful launch of Ariane 6 will lead to a continuous increase in production volumes for MT Aerospace over the coming years.


"As a partner of the Ariane program since the very beginning, we are proud of our contribution to the successful first launch. Ariane will be the backbone of European access to space well into the next decade. The gateway to space will thus remain open for Europe - with a major contribution from Augsburg. My special gratitude goes to the MT Aerospace team who has contributed significantly to this positive result. This success will give us the necessary tailwind for future growth in our space business," says Ulrich Scheib, CEO of MT Aerospace AG.


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