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Mynaric releases next generation ultra-fast scalable optical communications terminal for satellite

Mynaric debuted its next generation space terminal at the 36th Annual Space Symposium as part of its unwavering commitment to industrialize laser communication technology for the aerospace market. The CONDOR Mk3 will expand the company’s current product portfolio by providing a mass-manufacturable, smaller, lighter and low-power option, which has evolved in response to feedback that customers and the industry have given to the new product’s SDA-compliant Mk2 predecessor. The company also announced having already signed a launch customer for the newly unveiled product. The undisclosed customer is scheduled to receive initial product deliveries from Q4 2022 and has secured options for up to 20 units.

CONDOR Mk3 optical communications terminal for satellite applications (rendering)

“There is a growing need for high-performance, high-bandwidth, secure and reliable connectivity in and from space,” said Bulent Altan, CEO of Mynaric. “With our newest generation space product we are proud to be part of the formula for creating solutions addressing this need. CONDOR Mk3 terminals can be serially produced, ensuring affordability and allowing for large-scale deployment with short lead times for a variety of space applications.”

Key to the Mk3's entry into the market is its scalability of both speed and production. With configurable data rate speeds between 100Mbps and 100Gbps, the terminal ensures both standardized compatibility with the SDA’s requirements and delivers higher speeds for different missions. Additionally, Mynaric's commitment and investment to increased production capabilities in the United States and Germany ensures a scalably-manufactured terminal delivering on both short lead times and affordability.

“We are incredibly proud to have already secured a lead customer before even having officially launched our next generation CONDOR terminal, today,” said Tina Ghataore, Chief Commercial Officer of Mynaric. “The Space Development Agency’s intent to use their Transport Layer satellites to receive data directly in space opens up completely new channels for commercial satellite operators. We are happy to be able to support such missions and more with our newest generation CONDOR terminal.”

Using best-in-class design, the CONDOR Mk3 realized significant size, weight, power and performance advantages over its product predecessors, including:

  • Optical Head mass and size reduced by 30 percent compared to Mk2

  • Optimized power consumption

  • Flexible data rate coverage from 100Mbps up to 100Gbps

  • Link distances beyond 7,500km

  • Full compliance with

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