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NASA awards commercial small satellite data acquisition agreement

NASA has selected GeoOptics Inc. of Pasadena, California, to provide commercial small constellation satellite data products that may augment NASA-collected data in the future.

This is a fixed-price blanket purchase agreement and each call issued is not to exceed $7 million over a five-year period. The work will be performed at the contractor’s facilities in Pasadena and other locations as specified in individual calls issued. The period of performance expires five years from the effective date of the agreement, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022.

Under this agreement, GeoOptics shall be responsible for delivery of a comprehensive catalog of its commercial Earth Observation data High Resolution Radio Occultation Commercial Earth Observation Data products indicating at a minimum: the data sets, associated metadata and ancillary information; data cadence; data latency; area coverage; and data usage policy.

NASA will assess and evaluate these small constellation satellite data products with the purpose of augmenting and/or complementing NASA-collected data in the future. To facilitate standard scientific collaborations, NASA requires End User License Agreements to enable broad levels of dissemination and shareability of the commercial data with the U.S. government agencies and partners.

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