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ND SATCOM antenna launch the power and performance of SKYRAY MAS 2000

ND SATCOM antenna launch the power and performance of SKYRAY MAS 2000

With the live customer debut in early August 2023, the new SKYRAY MAS 2000 has proven its superior performance and efficiency in the field. ND SATCOM has created the next generation standard for mobile antenna subsystems given the MAS 2000’s highest wind load on the market. Together with its ability to handle extreme weather conditions and temperatures, its complete encapsulation of moving parts, the high load capacity of mounts for storing extra equipment (up to 70kg), and the waveguide switching system built into the feed-arm, the operational advantages were already significant. Now, with a new antenna reflector improving performance with an extra 1.8dBi transmit gain, the new SKYWAN MAS 2000 is what customers seek for reliable and effective mobile communication needs.

With a new design, the increased surface area of the SKYRAY MAS 2000 provides proportional transmission gain per Eutelsat that was beyond ND SATCOM’s expectations. Official Eutelsat confirmation is expected in the coming days. Specifically, by increasing width only 10cm, the 13% wider circular shape of the new MAS 2000 resulted in 50% increased RF performance, a stellar metric to behold. ND SATCOM is proud of its team’s continuing ability to optimize engineering for its customers. The power of incremental size and design adjustments to performance and efficiency gains sets ND SATCOM apart. Plus, the 5-year warranty is ND SATCOM’s assurance of reliability.

“With the launch of SKYRAY MAS 2000 this year, we’re continuing to raise the bar of our product portfolio and provide the superior reliability and performance our brand represents. Our customized service ensures seamless integration into customer’s daily operations. That’s what we’re about,” said Hannah Fuhrmanneck, Manager, Order Fulfilment, BU Broadcast & Government at ND SATCOM.

As the first customer of the new SKYRAY MAS 2000 for its mobile video/audio productions, IXI Live in France is witnessing the difference ND SATCOM makes to its business. Sylvain Mausolf, IXI Live’s Technical Operating Manager said, “The practical consequence for us is the ability to transmit in UHD with less linear HPA power (and therefore less power consumption), or a more stable link for longer despite degraded atmospheric conditions. With ND SATCOM’s smooth integration, the antennas are fully operational and the initial feedback is very positive. We were even able to successfully test wind resistance in a storm. ND SATCOM’s product and service have lived up to its reputation.”

Visit ND SATCOM’s booth 1.C48 this September (15-18) at the IBC Trade Show in Amsterdam.

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