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ND SATCOM’s new addition to the TWTA sphere: HPA 4-series

Another dimension of ND SATCOM’s satellite communications is unveiled: the 4th generation of HPAs in the TWT realm. Engineered and made in Germany, the ITAR-free HPA 4xxx series exemplifies next-gen excellence with these highlights:

Improved Usability

  • New easy touchscreen

  • New intuitive WebUI

  • New graphics and event logging

  • Simplified Automatic Level Control (ALC)

Enhanced Performance

  • Reduced intermodulation

  • Reduced gain variation

  • Halved warm-up time

Easy to maintain

  • Firmware upgrade via LAN

  • Upgrades with Linearizer and block up-converter (BUC) possible (Retro-Fit)

Form Fit & Function

  • M&C and dimensions identical to HPA 2xxx & 3xxx series

“ND SATCOM’s quality engineering and flexible design enable customers from broadcast to medicine to choose among multiple off-the-shelf HPA variants – different power classes, frequency bands, chassis types, and BUC and Linearizer options – with quick delivery time,” said Michael Weixler, Director of Product Management & Training. “We have also refined size and performance, offering the smallest indoor chassis (3U in all power classes), 3dB less fan noise and 10% less power consumption. Both form and function are critical to how we innovate and deliver on our customer promise of installing reliability.”

ND SATCOM has a longstanding relationship with the German company WORK Microwave and offers WORK’s superior quality L-band BUC as an option. For customers who opt for ND SATCOM’s Linearizer, it provides a larger operating power range with typically 1dB less back-off required. These additions further enhance overall power and performance.

ND SATCOM is reshaping the TWTA sphere with its 4th generation HPAs. Dive into a new dimension of satellite communication with ND SATCOM.

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