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Nedaa affirms readiness of its communication networks to secure new year celebrations in Dubai

Nedaa has announced its full readiness to support the New Year celebrations in Dubai. "Nedaa" will provide advanced communication services and solutions through its networks to ensure the success of the festivities taking place in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and the surrounding areas.

The TETRA communication systems will be utilized to ensure secure voice communication across stations using mobile wireless devices for operational management, team coordination, and ensuring safe and smooth access for the public to the celebration areas. Additionally, the services of the 4G network will be used for communication, reporting, and monitoring purposes by various security entities present at the celebration sites.

Regarding the preparations, procedures, and measures taken, H.E. Mansoor Bu Osaiba, CEO of Nedaa stated, "In parallel with the State's preparations for the New Year celebrations, Nedaa,  the exclusive Secure network provider for the Government of Dubai, looks forward to playing its role and showcasing its expertise in providing the latest integrated wireless communication solutions and services that comply with the highest standards of security and safety, enabling visitors to enjoy exceptional experiences on New Year's Eve."

H.E. Bu Osaiba emphasized that "Nedaa" possesses high capabilities and integrated resources to provide all forms of support to the relevant and concerned authorities in Dubai to ensure public safety and support the efforts of the Dubai government in delivering unique celebratory experiences to the public. This is achieved by relying on the latest, unified, and highly efficient communication networks that comply with the world's highest safety and security standards.

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