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  • Satellite Evolution chosen by African satellite provider for Colocation and Connectivity, a cloud networking company delivering software-defined infrastructure, has been selected by an African satellite provider for its colocation, remote hands, and connectivity services in the UAE. The deployment is part of a multinational connectivity project and offers access to an interconnected ecosystem of more than 120 points of presence (PoPs) in 56 cities across the globe.

The customer is hosted in datamena and Equinix Abu Dhabi and will benefit from’s independent access solutions to internet, cloud and data centre infrastructure. is providing a custom colocation solution tailored to the satellite providers needs enabling them reach new levels of flexibility and agility to serve new customer demands. The customer specialises in broadcasting and rural connectivity, fixed and mobile satellite solutions and MPLS in Africa and Middle East.

“We are helping this customer to efficiently extend its reach in the UAE and across multiple markets across the globe. The team works in close collaboration with their team to develop a bespoke solution that delivers a range of infrastructure and support tailored to its unique needs. It is bringing satellite down to earth and offering its customers new presence and capabilities in one of the world’s most important digital hubs,” said George Szlosarek, CEO at “As digital adoption across Africa and the Middle East continues to accelerate, we’re providing a foundation for long-term innovation in cloud, networking and digital services.” works with over 1,000 partners to provide managed internet access services to reach over 180 countries in a comprehensive one-stop- shop solution.’s network operations centre (NOC) proactively alerts the customer when there are issues and immediately works to mitigate these problems and restore services.

“We’ve focused on being hands on and listened to what the client wanted to achieve. We took that and built an efficient solution that is ready to grow and scale with their business. We’ve provided access to two of the world’s premier digital hubs and a jumping point for connecting the entire Middle East,” said Szlosarek. “Their customers can now rapidly connect new sites and expand their reach leveraging this trusted partnership. is building solutions that match world-class networking with local knowledge.”

The satellite provider uses different technologies including Fibre, Microwave, Satellite, 3G, LTE etc. with hybrid solutions suitable for Africa. It’s transforming the way Africa gets and stays connected with rest of the world through connectivity for voice, data and video applications to increase business opportunities in all kinds of diverse and challenging environments. Its innovative solutions and resilient network are used by different verticals including Governments, telcos, media, multinationals, network companies and ISPs.


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