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New Better Satellite World video “A Promise Kept” tells the story of a new manned lunar mission

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) today released A Promise Kept, its newest Better Satellite World video. It describes how NASA’s Artemis Program is aiming to send American astronauts back to the Moon, with the help of Peraton’s OS/COMET software. It will be the first return to human space exploration of other planets since 1972.

NASA’s Artemis program is committed to landing American astronauts on the Moon again to explore, to make discoveries and lay the foundation for a permanent and productive human presence. These new NASA missions will do science, but also search for water to turn into oxygen and fuel, and for materials to build landing pads, housing and workspace. NASA is designing a new spaceship called Orion to carry astronauts from Earth to lunar orbit, where a lander will deliver them to the Moon. Orion will climb into space on a massive new rocket called the Space Launch System.

Helping to make that possible is Peraton’s software product OS/COMET. The men and women of Peraton developed and deployed it decades ago to monitor and control space vehicles and rocket launches. Improving and expanding year by year, OS/COMET is now one of the key platforms on the Artemis program, used to monitor and control the Orion spacecraft and the liftoff of the Space Launch System.

“When people last landed on the Moon, there were the only eight spacefaring nations and two that had sent humans into space,” said executive director Robert Bell. “Today, seventeen nations have put spacecraft into orbit and three of them have flown crews. This video tells the story of NASA’s return to human space exploration, but it is really humanity’s story – a quest for the unknown that has always brought major benefits to life on Earth.”

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