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New contract for Thales to reinforce airspace surveillance capabilities for the French Armed Forces

Thales, co-mounted STAR NG & RSM NG radar to contribute to French Air Force air surveillance capabilities © Carlos-Ayesta-Capa

Thales is to provide next generation primary and secondary approach radars, STAR NG and RSM NG to renew the fleet of approach radars for French air and naval bases from 2025, as part of the Detection 22 program within the phase 5 of the DGA project SCCOA.

As announced by the Ministry of Defence, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has launched stage 5 of the modernization program with the replacement of fixed and mobile radars and renewal of the command and control air-defence system. Among multiple activities this contract will provide French Air forces with a high performing air surveillance solution from best in class Thales civilian radar portfolio adapted to operate in military environment.

With the provision of Thales next generation primary and secondary approach radars, STAR NG and RSM NG, air surveillance will be guaranteed 24/7, with improved operational capabilities and detection performances, as well as meeting the key objective of combining obsolescence treatment, compliance with national and European regulations.

Since the first delivery in 1970, Thales’ portfolio is contributing to airspace protection with a full range of radars to manage air surveillance and airport/airbase terminal areas. With the portfolio of primary, ​ the STAR NG (an approach primary radar) and the TRAC NG (an En-Route primary radar) detect non-cooperative aircraft identification, aircraft without transponders or with faulty transponders, capable of detecting targets of all sizes, conducting wind farm mitigation and providing great operational range. And the secondary portfolio with the renowned RSM and latest innovation the RSM NG to detect and identify co-operative aircraft.

At the forefront of new technologies, investing in R&D and capitalizing on 50 years of Air Traffic Control experience, Thales has introduced many leading innovations for airspace safety to accompany evolving customer needs in both civil and military domains, as well as ensuring compliance with the latest safety regulations to provide safe and accurate, approach and en-route surveillance.

Recent innovations on the co-mounted primary STAR NG and secondary RSM-NG, include a meta-sensor radar, as well as the renewal of its entire portfolio of radars less than 3 years ago. Upgrades and new design include a family of radars with higher performances, especially for precision and detection, development of new features such as electronic protection measures, 3D/altimetry, detection of ​ low/zero speed aircrafts (such as helicopters), high speed/high maneuverability aircrafts (such as fighters) or merging traditional Mode S with ADS-B detection to enhance sensor performance.


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