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PPM announces new HF and SINCGARS Communications Antenna

New from PPM Systems, the ARA-252-201 antenna is a dual-port, multiband, omnidirectional, vehicular mounted antenna. The antenna consists of three collocated apertures to provide maximum performance and minimal footprint once installed. The two upper bands are diplexed together while the low band is provided on a separate channel.

High and Low-Band Ports

The antenna high-band port has been designed for optimum gain from 225 to 450 MHz, 1350 to 2600 MHz and is perfect for UHF and WNW Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications. The low-band port adds 30 to 88 MHz operation intended for HF and SINCGARS communications. The gain has been tuned for -10° to +10° in elevation while providing full 360° in azimuth with less than 1.5 dB or variance. The antenna is rated for 125 Watts of CW power over both bands.

Commercial Off the Shelf

This antenna is intended to be bolted to a standard Universal Antenna Mount or a NATO standard 4.5-inch bolt circle found on most military vehicles. The two N-Female connectors are located at the base of the antenna in the center of the mount. This antenna is an environmentally qualified and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS). The rugged construction is designed to pass the operational “Oak Beam” test at 25 mph.

Neil Seager, from PPM Systems, commented: “Stacked antennas from Antenna Research Associations provide significant benefits in the field due to their rugged design, their ability to pass the “Oak Beam” test, and reduction of real estate on the vehicle platform.”

PPM Systems offers a full range of Military Communications (MILCOM) antennas, including the ARA-252-201.


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