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New Kontron COM Express® module with AMD Ryzen™ V2000 processor for high power IoT-edge-systems

Kontron, a global leader in IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is introducing a brand new COM Express® Basic Computer-on-Module based on the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V2000 processor. It is the first processor on a COM Express® Type 6 module to support up to 16 parallel threads on up to 8 high-end performance cores. The large number of cores and threads makes the new application-ready COM Express® Basic module ideal for use in next-generation IoT edge devices that must perform more and more parallel processing tasks. At the same time, the high core and thread count also ensures maximum design efficiency, as previously separate applications can now be consolidated in a single system.


Target applications for the new high-performance COM Express® Type 6 modules range from multi-device clients and edge systems for the control of entire factories to high-resolution medical imaging systems in operating theatres. Other use cases include advanced multi-display casino game applications for immersive gaming, as well as digital signage installations with multiple displays and parallel streaming of multiple real-time transcoded videos to multiple end devices. Thanks to the high core count, all these applications can also host additional edge functions – such as separate secure edge gateways for secure IIoT connectivity, or AI inferences for edge analytics and situational awareness.

“Manufactured in 7nm technology, AMD’s 8-core high-performance processors open up an entirely new performance class for multifunctional edge systems. With our application-ready COM Express® Basic modules, OEMs can implement this new generation of multi-core embedded processors highly reliably and flexibly, and with very little NRE effort and short time-to-market,” explains Peter Müller, VP Product Center Modules at Kontron. “Compared to alternative designs in a smaller form factor, our COM Express® Basic modules provide more integrated and application-ready functions, as well as more powerful cooling. This makes it much easier to reliably deliver the full performance at 58 W TDP across the approved temperature range of 40° to +85° Celsius at all times.”

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