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Nova-C lunar lander passes complete spacecraft test run

Intuitive Machines has successfully conducted a complete spacecraft test run of its Nova-C lunar lander – a significant technical achievement in the Company’s efforts to completing its lunar lander. The complete spacecraft test run verified Nova-C’s flight software, flight avionics, liquid oxygen and liquid Methane loading, high-pressure helium system performance, propulsion system complete functionality, and culminating in a hot fire of the Nova-C main engine.

“This was the most comprehensive test to date short of flying the lander in space,” said Steve Altemus, Intuitive Machines Co-founder, President, and CEO. “This test run represents a crucial step forward in validating the performance of the entire Nova-C lunar lander system on its way to the Moon. The technical excellence the Intuitive Machines team showed during this comprehensive test has propelled the Company closer to delivering Nova-C to Florida for launch.” The complete spacecraft test run conducted at Intuitive Machines’ Small Vehicle Engine Verification Facility at the Houston Spaceport is a culmination of a series of tests completed during Nova-C’s production.

Comprehensive testing of the full lander with all its systems powered on and operating is an essential step in the process of verifying all systems are performing as expected. The Nova-C spacecraft systems have been undergoing significant integrated functional testing and checkout in preparation for this fully integrated performance test.

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