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Nova Systems showcases next generation airborne law enforcement and C4ISR helicopter mission system

The potential of connected and customised modular airborne mission systems has been showcased today with Nova Systems and GVH Aerospace demonstrating their capabilities to end-users during a live, in-flight simulated mission scenario.

Nova Systems hosted airborne law enforcement, coast guard, border control and military helicopter operators at the Brighton City Airport, in a series of flights demonstrating the capabilities and potential for a connected and customised modular airborne mission system. The capabilities are being demonstrated throughout a series of operationally realistic mission scenarios.

Nova Systems equipped and integrated their EC-135 flight trials and demonstration helicopter with an array of new and emerging technologies from partners including Safran Electronics and Defense, CarteNav, Smith Myers, Astronautics, RDDS Avionics and Avalex Technologies.

Designed around a modular and customisable operator-centred workstation, the mission system developed by Nova Systems and GVH Aerospace features a high-performance mission computer at its core, which can easily integrate other sensors and communication systems. The operator workstation can be configured to suit the mission, aircraft type and operator-specific requirements.

“This flight demonstration gives a preview to the potential of introducing data connectivity to airborne mission systems which have traditionally been designed to operate on standalone air platforms,” said Gareth Dyer, Managing Director - International at Nova Systems

“We have only just begun to explore the range of possibilities of this mission system, including managing different sensors and enabling the aircraft to become an airborne intelligence node.

“We set out to develop this system seven months ago, and the team and our technology partners have achieved a tremendous amount in a very short space of time.”

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