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NOVELSAT awarded multi-million dollar order for Earth observation connectivity

NOVELSAT, a global leader in content connectivity, has announced a multi-million dollar award to provide the ground network for a major earth observation constellation. The project includes the provisioning of NOVELSAT Xstream multi-purpose gateways in multiple ground stations around the world, providing hundreds of image data downlinks for dozens of LEO satellites.

NOVELSAT Xstream multi-purpose gateway provides a highly integrated, optimized, and efficient multi-signal solution for earth observation ground networks. Incorporating high sensitivity receivers and adaptive downlink connectivity, NOVELSAT Xstream delivers higher download volume per satellite pass coupled with high transmission robustness. Build on off-the-shelf servers with software-defined modular architecture and carrier-grade management system, NOVELSAT Xstream minimizes integration, eases operations, and maximizes network flexibility and scalability.

“We are very excited to participate in projects that provide knowledge and insights about our planet. For this leading constellation, we’ll provide our new Xstream gateway together with a network management system designed to manage the entire downlink connectivity of the constellation. The solution also includes adaptive downlink channels and open cloud connectivity,” said Gary Drutin, CEO of NOVELSAT. “As earth observation companies are building and growing their constellations and intensifying their information collection, our Xstream solution ideally addresses the soaring connectivity needs, and is quickly gaining recognition amongst earth observation operators thanks to the exceptional value it provides.”


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