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NSR report: In-orbit satellite servicing & space situational awareness present $6.2B opportunity

NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing & Space Situational Awareness Markets, 4th Edition (IOSM4) report, released today, forecasts In-Orbit Satellite services (IoS) cumulative revenues of $6.2 billion by 2030. While growth is anticipated across all applications, GEO Satellite Life Extension is expected to generate the largest portion of revenues due to the sheer number of satellites expected to use this service.

NSR’s IoSM4 also sees growth in satellite constellations greatly increasing the addressable market in Non-GEO, where services will focus mostly on De-Orbiting and Space Situational Awareness (SSA). NSR's latest report forecasts both ground and space based SSA revenues to represent a cumulative revenue opportunity of over $1B through the next decade.

“The In-Orbit Servicing & Space Situational Awareness Market continues to progress regardless of COVID-19, as many launches are scheduled for early 2021,” states Dallas Kasaboski, NSR Principal Analyst and report co-author. Life Extension will overshadow all other applications, generating 57% of total revenues over the next decade, NSR projects this to be dominated by GEO services making up to 72% of total revenues. Meanwhile, the launch of several LEO constellations has created sizable demand for supplemental services to ensure the protection of Non-GEO orbits.

“Space sustainability is not just a myth anymore; it’s a need to build a sustainable future infrastructure – services such as Robotics, De-Orbiting, Active Debris Removal and Relocation are becoming attractive to many operators,” explains Hussain Bokhari, NSR Analyst and report co-author. The IoS Market will see more commercial players using the various services over the next decade, generating 63% of global cumulative demand.

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