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Offshore Link Sat (OLS) strengthens partnership with Eutelsat Group for maritime connectivity

Offshore Link Sat (OLS) strengthens partnership with Eutelsat Group for maritime connectivity off Brazilian coast

Eutelsat Communications announces that Offshore Link Sat (OLS) has expanded its capacity on EUTELSAT 8 West B for GEO maritime connectivity services off the Brazilian coast.

OLS, a Brazilian telecommunication service provider specialised in offshore connectivity for the oil & gas industry (offshore platforms and vessels), further leverages Eutelsat Group’s in-orbit assets to strengthen its tailored connectivity solutions.

The powerful EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite is particularly suited to the maritime market in Brazil with 10 operational transponders connected to footprints covering the African continent and reaching west to South America.

Brauny Albergaria, Offshore Link Sat CEO commented: “OLS is delighted to expand our utilization of the Eutelsat fleet, deepening our long-term partnership. Thanks to this service we continue to bolster the thriving Oil & Gas offshore market in Brazil. Looking ahead we are excited to integrate the GEO-LEO offering into our portfolio driving further innovation and connectivity in the market.”

Juan Pablo Cofino, Eutelsat OneWeb RVP Sales Connectivity Americas, said: “We are proud to further deepen our collaboration with OLS in Brazil after multiple years of a successful partnership.

OLS has also shown interest in our integrated GEO-LEO offer and we look forward to the possibility of expanding our partnership together. Indeed, our unique combination of GEO and LEO assets best addresses the challenges related to coverage, latency, redundancy and resilience which are requested more and more by our customers.”

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