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OneWeb signs contract with Intellian for flat panel user terminals

Intellian Technologies Inc., a global provider of resilient multi-constellation, feature-rich satellite user terminals and communications solutions, and OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, announce a contract for the supply of Intellian’s OW11FL user terminals with mass-production beginning in Q4 2023.

The OW11FL is an Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) flat panel user terminal, ideally suited for OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit network, with the ability to electronically scan over wide field of view to enable seamless beam and satellite handovers. OW11FL is well suited to bring together OneWeb’s high speed low latency network capability to offer services for cellular backhaul, community broadband, and civil government applications.

The OW11FL joins an ever expanding portfolio of Intellian OneWeb user terminals across maritime and enterprise markets. With six products across Intellian’s OW Series to date, the partnership between Intellian and OneWeb has grown significantly since the first contract in 2019 with additional product launches expected over the coming months in order to support OneWeb’s land and maritime mobility applications.

Intellian’s experience of developing satellite communications user terminal technology and its partnership with OneWeb, has resulted in a sleek user terminal, designed for network efficiency and ease of installation, bringing the ease of plug-and-play connectivity to thousands of OneWeb customers. The OW11FL is the first in Intellian’s portfolio of flat panel electronically steered antenna-based user terminals to support fixed connectivity applications with a vision to extend into flat panel products to support the delivery of mobility capabilities, for enterprise, maritime, land mobility, government and defense applications.

Intellian is a vertically integrated product company with their flat panel electronically steered antenna technology based solutions designed at their Advanced Development Center in the USA and manufacturing taking place at Intellian’s state-of-the-art campus in Korea. Intellian’s streamlined process enables exceptional product value, quality, diversity, and scalability of Intellian’s flat panel user terminals from concept through to delivery.

Eric Sung, President and CEO at Intellian Technologies Inc, said: "This contract further solidifies our partnership with OneWeb. Sharing the same innovative passion and commitment to customer excellence is ultimately the foundation upon which our partnership thrives. We look forward to customers experiencing the highest performing flat panel on OneWeb’s network and benefiting from a lower operating cost across the ecosystem.”

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