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Optilan, DarkPulse Inc. UK subsidiary, opens new state-of-the-art UK headquarters

Optilan, the leading communications and security systems integrator, is pleased to announce it has secured two new facilities in Warwickshire in the UK.

The company has leased a new Manufacturing and Storage facility and a separate UK based office headquarters (HQ). These new facilities represent a number of key investments Optilan is currently making to support its future growth aspirations including the recently rolled out Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). Warwickshire is recognised as a regional hub for world class research, manufacturing, and engineering services, which reflects the positioning of the company. The new Manufacturing and Storage facility has been fitted out with all necessary modern equipment to support the delivery of security and telecommunication integrated systems. This investment reinforces the company’s innovative culture and commitment to providing industry-leading technology.

Optilan has recently focused its energy on opening a new UK HQ. Specifically, the interior office layout has been configured to enhance the working environment for the employees and encourage cross-collaboration between departments to allow for more efficient day to day operations. The refurbishment of the building wholly merits its award earlier this year from the British Council for Offices (BCO) under the category of ‘Refurbished and Recycled Workplace’.

Bill Bayliss, Chief Executive Officer of Optilan, said “Optilan’s new UK HQ and manufacturing facility are an important investment that opens a new chapter in Optilan’s history. This next step is part of the transformation of our group to provide a UK head office that reflects its values and strategy. A space where the future is brought about as a result of increased collaboration.

"Our colleagues here at Optilan are the pillar of our success. For this reason, we have set our sights on providing a work environment with enhanced facilities that keep pace with our aspirations to embrace innovation and progressive thinking with everything we do. The fit-out is due to commence shortly before welcoming our employees to the new office.”


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