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Optisys joins Satellite Applications Catapult’s Co-space facility in Harwell, UK

Optisys are pleased to announce they have expanded their UK operation by joining the Satellite Applications Catapult’s Co-space facility in Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK.

The Harwell site is home to more than 200 companies dedicated to furthering the utilisation of space for all manner of applications including communications, Earth Observation, and outer space exploration to name a few. Optisys, being able to offer unrivalled antenna products, has the ability to benefit all these RF uses and more.

“Our unique capability in a number of RF disciplines allows us to be highly useful to many upcoming space missions,” commented Adam Arnold, Optisys UK Vice President. “Having this location central to the UK Space ecosystem enables us to better support those customers.”

Nafeesa Dajda, Director of National Capabilities at the Satellite Applications Catapult, said, “We’re delighted to welcome Optisys to our facilities here in Harwell. Our Co-space is home to a fantastic community of space companies, and is a great example of how collaborative, shared workspaces can benefit organisations both individually and collectively.”

Optisys is a privately-owned revolutionary RF company. Optisys unique approach allows us to create highly integrated antenna and radar products that achieve extremely low SWaP. Optisys has a wide product line ranging from feeds to phased arrays, for communications and radar applications.


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