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Orbex awarded £3.3 million as part of European Space Agency’s Boost! initiative

Orbex has been awarded £3.3 million in funding from the UK Space Agency as part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) “Boost!” initiative. The initiative, which is part of ESA’s Commercial Space Transportation Services and Support programme, is designed to further the development of world-leading space launch technologies. 


Orbex will use the funding to undertake activities to build the Ultra-Green Launch Complex at Sutherland Spaceport, located on the north coast of Scotland. The spaceport is being designed with sustainability in mind and is intended to be the first spaceport globally to be carbon-neutral in its construction and operation. The site will see the launch of up to 12 orbital rockets per year, with several commercial launch contracts with satellite manufacturers already secured.


Sustainability is also a core driver in the design of the company’s advanced, low-carbon, high-performance micro-launcher, Orbex Prime. Prime is a 19-metre-long rocket designed to launch small satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits. It has been carefully engineered to leave zero debris in orbit and is fueled by a renewable form of propane (bio-propane), meaning it has a carbon footprint up to 96% lower than traditional satellite launch vehicles powered by fossil fuels.


Orbex: Martin Coates, CEO

“Receiving this funding from the UK Space Agency as part the European Space Agency’s Boost! programme is not only very welcome, it’s further validation of our commitment to delivering low-carbon, high-performance space launch services in a way that respects the environment. The development of the Ultra-Green Launch Complex at Sutherland Spaceport is a critical step this journey, and this support will enable us to continue working toward our ultimate goal of making the UK a central hub for European space flight.”


Government: Andrew Griffith MP, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

“The UK’s space industry is thriving, and we’re committed to becoming Europe’s leading destination for small satellite launches and developing world class commercial spaceflight capability up and down the country. This funding will not only help grow our domestic launch capability but also catalyse investment across the supply chain, creating highly skilled jobs and local opportunities right across the UK.”


UKSA: Matt Archer, Director of Launch

“Our investment in Orbex demonstrates our continued commitment to make the UK Europe’s leading destination for launch by encouraging the development of launch companies. This funding will help Orbex to develop the launch site at Sutherland Spaceport, enhancing our launch capability, creating high skilled jobs, and supporting the government’s vision for the UK to be Europe’s most attractive launch destination by 2030.”

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