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Orbital Matter secures over €1 million in financing to propel in-space manufacturing innovation

Orbital Matter announces the successful close of over €1 Million in its pre-seed funding round. The investment  was led by deep tech VC Sunfish Partners and saw the participation of angel investors.  

This significant funding marks a transformative moment for Orbital Matter as it accelerates its  mission to revolutionize in-space manufacturing. Among the company’s ambitious projects,  Orbital Matter is developing a spacecraft equipped with a 3D printer to manufacture ultra-light and  cost-effective satellite parts and space infrastructure in-orbit.  

“Manufacturing capabilities in space must expand exponentially to improve critical infrastructure  for Earth and for humans to potentially become a multi-planetary species. Orbital Matter isn't just  tackling a crucial challenge; the founders embody the mindset of a successful startup. With their  lean, customer-focused approach, we have every confidence that they will navigate the  complexities of the space industry, demonstrating both resilience and foresight.” – Dr. Marcus  Erken, Founding Partner at Sunfish Partners.

Orbital Matter’s in-space manufacturing odyssey 

Orbital Matter will focus on demonstrating its technology in microgravity and advancing towards  an in-orbit demonstration, while partnering up with the industry leaders. This pragmatic approach  ensures Orbital Matter’s technology aligns seamlessly with the expectations of future customers,  marking a crucial milestone in its commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the field of in 

space manufacturing.  

In September 2023, Orbital Matter signed a MoU with Thales Alenia Space, a joint-venture  between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), to join their industrial accelerator within the Space  Business Catalyst, accessing in that way technical, commercial, networking and funding support, and a unique opportunity to build strategic partnerships with a legacy industry player. This agile  structure, operating out of Thales Alenia Space’s facilities in Toulouse and Turin, fosters the  shaping of future, disruptive markets and the development of solutions and technologies with the  potential to create new business opportunities for all parties.  

"Thales Alenia Space's teams are thrilled to witness the successful culmination of Orbital Matter’s  financing round. We are convinced that this investment will accelerate Orbital Matter's progress  and enable it to deliver cutting-edge technologies faster" said Vincent Clot, Business and Open  Innovation Director at Thales Alenia Space. "Through the Space Business Catalyst, we are proud  to contribute to Orbital Matter's innovative project in which 3D printing technology can revolutionize antennas and space infrastructure. Joining forces with Orbital Matter not only  underlines our commitment to fostering innovation in space, but also reflects our shared vision of  European independence in space. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will  have on the future of sustainable space." 

Next step : A mission beyond Earth's boundaries  

Orbital Matter envisions a future where in-space manufacturing reshapes the landscape of space  infrastructure. With this substantial funding injection, the company is poised to embark on a  journey that goes beyond the limits of Earth's gravitational pull and to demonstrate its 3D printer  in microgravity.  

"This financing round is a testament to the confidence our investors have in Orbital Matter's vision.  We are grateful for their support and excited to take significant strides in in-space manufacturing.  With the funds raised, we are well-positioned for the next 18 months, and this runway can be  further extended through strategic engagements with ESA and EC, ensuring sustained progress  and innovation." said Jakub Stojek, CEO of Orbital Matter. 

The company, currently incubated at the ESA BIC Poland operated by Industrial Development  Agency JSC, will strategically prioritize securing ESA contracts and participating in Horizon  Europe calls, fostering strategic partnerships with industry leaders. This approach ensures a  scalable framework for the execution of large-scale projects in Earth orbit, aligning with the  Company’s commitment to industry excellence and innovation. 

“Orbital Matter’s cutting-edge technology aligns seamlessly with the vision for European  independence in space, making significant contributions to the broader advancements within the  space industry. We look forward to witnessing Orbital Matter's continued success and the positive  impact their groundbreaking technology will have on shaping the future of space exploration." said Michał Chwieduk, Head of ESA BIC Poland 


Join the Orbital Matter mission !  

Orbital Matter's goal is to hire highly skilled engineers with expertise in the space industry. As  pivotal initial hires, these professionals will play a crucial role in shaping and advancing in-space  manufacturing technology, contributing significantly to the foundational growth of the company.  Under the supervision of Robert Ihnatisin, Chief Technical Officer at Orbital Matter, passionate  individuals are welcome to explore opportunities and contribute to the evolution of space  technology. Embark on this mission with us as we redefine what's conceivable in the cosmos! 

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