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Orbotic Systems reveals technology to clean-up space junk developed with Nasa and Florida University

Orbotic Systems today announced the successful launch of the De-orbit Drag Device (D3) aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 mission CRS-25. Developed in conjunction with NASA and University of Florida, the D3 can maneuver and de-orbit a satellite without dangerous rocket fuel.

A gold D3 unit

This major milestone for Orbotic Systems will provide an inexpensive de-orbiting and maneuvering solution for satellites. Removing dead satellites at the end of their mission is critical to keeping space clean and safe for everyone.

"The D3 is game changing technology enabling satellites to avoid debris, maneuver without propellant, and de-orbit at the end of their mission," says Erik T. Long, CEO at Orbotic Systems. "The D3 will solve the space junk problem before it ever starts."

The success of this highly anticipated launch comes after a series of recent accomplishments by Orbotic Systems, including:

  • Architecture of machine learning software and hardware for space situational awareness.

  • Shape Metal Alloy (SMA) success for CubeSat actuators.

  • Multiple state of the art NASA technology license deals in 2020 and 2021.

"After nearly two years of concerted effort, we are ready to release our first product to mitigate space debris. Unrivaled and unique, our D3 technology will allow satellite operators to inexpensively maneuver, orientate, and de-orbit their spacecraft without any explosive propellant. The D3 does 80% of what rockets do at 10% of the cost."


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