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Ovzon launches a new mobile satellite terminal - Ovzon T7

Ovzon announces the launch of its new mobile satellite terminal, the Ovzon T7. This lightweight yet powerful terminal is specifically designed for military, civil defense, police, and emergency services and has already, in various tests, exceeded customer requirements and product specifications in terms of performance, mobility and resiliency.

The Ovzon T7 is built for environments where minimum size, weight, and power are needed without sacrificing performance. This rugged, ultra-small terminal weighs only 2.8 kg and is 17cm square. The Ovzon T7 is easily employed by an untrained user and runs on any commonly found AC or DC power source. The Ovzon T7 provides users the ability to send and receive at very high data rates or configure the terminal to avoid detection in contested environments.

The Ovzon T7 has transmitted 10 Mbps and received 60 Mbps on current Ovzon networks. When the Ovzon 3 satellite is available, these numbers are projected to increase dramatically, enhancing the mobile satellite terminal's already impressive capabilities.

The Ovzon T7 will also take full advantage of the “near-peer” capabilities provided by Ovzon 3’s On Board Processor for continued operations in a contested environment. These features include direct communication between Ovzon T7 terminals when gateways are unavailable, communication below the noise floor, obfuscation of traffic patterns, frequency hopping, and enhanced communications in complex environments, including through the rotors of rotary-wing, aircraft and unmanned vehicles in the air, on the ground and on water.

"We are excited to further enhance our customers’ ability to carry out critical missions in the most challenging environments. In an age of increasing geopolitical unrest and environmental crisis, the innovation, delivery, and integration of the Ovzon T7 terminal and the Ovzon 3 class of satellites into our SATCOM-as-a-Service solution will provide unprecedented levels of performance, mobility, and resiliency”, says Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon.

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