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Ovzon receives order of 9.7 MUSD to expand European SATCOM-as-a-Service

Ovzon has received an 12-month order that represents a significant expansion of the company’s integrated SATCOM-as-a-Service offering in Europe. This order includes a high-powered Ovzon spot beam powered network and a number of Ovzon’s “On-The-Move” mobile satellite terminals. The total order value amounts to 9.7 MUSD (approximately 99 MSEK). The service will start in the second quarter of 2024.

Ovzon’s SATCOM-as-a-Service offering includes a high performance, resilient satellite network, and both “On-The-Pause” and “On-The-Move” mobile satellite terminals, as well as gateway services and dedicated customer support. “

We are delighted to see the proliferation of Ovzon in Europe. The combination of high performance, mobility and resiliency makes Ovzon SATCOM-as-a-Service

the ideal solution to support critical humanitarian, national security and public safety missions. Our solutions will be further enhanced when the unique Ovzon 3 satellite becomes operational mid-year 2024”, says Ovzon’s CEO, Per Norén.

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