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Ovzon receives service contract renewal from Airbus Defence and Space

Ovzon has for the third consecutive year been awarded a 12-month service renewal contract from Airbus Defence and Space to deliver Ovzon SATCOM-as-a-Service to the UK Government.

The contract renewal continues the mission critical support Ovzon provides to the United Kingdom and its growing demand for small, lightweight, and highly resilient end-to-end satellite communications. Ovzon SATCOM-as-a-Service features the Ovzon T6 mobile satellite terminal, which enjoys the reputation of having the highest performance and smallest form factor in the industry and is relied upon by the UK and many western governments when resilient, no-fail communications are required.

This service renewal will be delivered using Ovzon’s current SATCOM networks as the company readies their new satellite, Ovzon 3, for launch late this year or early next year. Ovzon 3 will bring even higher levels of performance, mobility, and resiliency, as well as several unique “near peer” features designed specifically for a contested environment. Ovzon is also preparing to start production of the new Ovzon T7 mobile satellite terminal; an even smaller and lighter partner to the Ovzon T6, purpose built for environments where minimum size, weight, and power are needed without a sacrifice in performance.

“We are proud to further strengthen our relationship and support to the UK Government through our partnership with Airbus Defence and Space. We are always mindful of the critically important operations undertaken by our customers, and we remain fully committed to providing the most reliable, highest performing, mobile satellite communications required for the complex world we live in”, says Per Norén, President and CEO of Ovzon.

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