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Oxford start up selected as recipient of Innovate UK Grant

Satraka Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a recipient of Innovate UK’s Transformative Technologies Grant.

The highly competitive grant allows SMEs across the country to apply for a share of £20m, as well as access to Innovate UK’s tailored business support, Innovate UK EDGE.

The grant money will be used to fund a six month project that will advance the development of high-performance, low-cost multi-beam antenna (HLMA) technology.

This is significant for the space industry - there is currently no high-performance, low-cost steering or tracking antenna, nor is there any high-performance, low-cost multiple beam antenna able to cope with high-speed and high-data rate wireless connections from local base stations. The development of this technology could severely reduce the cost of broadband internet access, eliminating the need for laying expensive copper or fibre cables.

Satraka Ltd is a start-up founded in Harwell, Oxford that specialises in satellite tracking and multi-beam antennas. Our innovative and patent-pending technology provides high-performance, low-cost solutions to a market that is desperately trying to balance affordability with quality.

Our products can be used to track NGSO satellites to provide broadband internet services from Space to millions of users around the world, and/or to serve multiple end-users simultaneously for broadband internet connection wirelessly via 5G/6G terrestrial networks.

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is creating a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations. We provide targeted sectors with expertise, facilities and funding to test, demonstrate and evolve their ideas, driving UK productivity and economic growth. Join our network and communities of innovators to realise the potential of your ideas and accelerate business growth. Innovate UK: inspiring business innovation.

Dr Tao Huang, founder of Satraka: “We are incredibly pleased to have been chosen as one of Innovate UK’s grant recipients. The technology that this grant will help to develop has the ability to provide fast broadband internet services to the unserved or underserved areas, not only in the UK, but in developing countries around the world too. We already have strong interest from major broadband providers, and we are excited to see where the next step of our journey will take us.”


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