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Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces updated their strategic partnership agreement

The strategic partnership agreement between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces has been updated. With the agreement signed in January 2024, the ongoing cooperation will deepen, the quality assurance and material management procedures were specified, and the partnership management structures were updated.  

“Strategic partnership is an intense and long-term cooperative relationship based on mutual agreement. The focus areas of the cooperation include common long-term development targets, preparation for the various stages of increasing peacetime readiness and ensuring operations in emergency conditions. Patria participates in the maintenance and further development of the capabilities of the Finnish Defence Forces’ land, sea and air defense systems as well as maintaining security of supply. Strategic partnership also includes the Finnish Air Force’s and Army’s elementary and basic flight training," comments Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President of Patria’s Finland Division.  

The close cooperation between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces began over 100 years ago. The term ‘strategic partnership’ was introduced in the beginning of the 2000s which means the most profound form of cooperation between the Finnish Defence Forces and its service provider. Services provided by the strategic partner enable the Finnish Defence Forces to focus on its core tasks.  

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