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Plan-S announces launch with SpaceX Falcon 9 via Exolaunch for three IoT tech demo satellites

Plan-S Satellite and Space Technologies, a Turkish provider of end-to-end satellite solutions for global IoT services, have signed a series of agreements to launch three IoT tech demo satellites onboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 via Exolaunch, a global leader in launch, in-space logistics and deployment services for small satellites. The satellites being built by Plan-S will be launched in the second half of 2022 as part of SpaceX’s SmallSat Rideshare Programme.

PlanS Connecta T1.1 Image Credit: PlanS

Plan-S was established mid-2021 as one of the largest private Turkish satellite companies with its own production and test facilities. They have gone on to become an IoT service provider in Turkey and later covering Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to the engineering team’s substantial expertise, Plan-S will complete a full cycle in less than a year. From developing to manufacturing and launching three satellites to serve a number of sectors including transport, finance, energy, meteorology, aviation, and agriculture, with plans to deploy a large IoT constellation starting in 2023.

Mr. Tugay Güzel, CEO at Plan-S, stated “We serve in the field of satellite technologies that intersect with the Internet of Things (IoT) and large data processing. In less than a year after being established, we launch our first satellite, the Connecta T1.1. Such an accomplishment was only made possible by the devoted team of scientists and engineers at Plan-S. Our exemplary team are experts in the research, development and production of space technologies. The team has experience working in some of the globe’s most prestigious institutions. We at Plan-S are brought together by people who value teamwork towards our vision.”

PlanS Exolaunch LSA Signature Image Credit: Exolaunch

Exolaunch, a German- and US- based launch integrator working under a Multi-Launch Agreement with SpaceX, will ensure comprehensive mission management, satellite integration and deployment services for the Plan-S satellites aboard Falcon 9 Transporter missions. To date, Exolaunch has arranged launches for 200 satellites for NewSpace industry leaders, start-ups, space agencies and scientific institutions. Plan-S will benefit from Exolaunch’s proprietary deployment technologies, technical expertise and unique flight heritage, to flawlessly deploy its satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit above 500km.

Ms. Jeanne Allarie, VP Launch at Exolaunch, said “Exolaunch has rapidly responded to the launch needs for the fast-growing global connectivity provider Plan-S in support of their IoT constellation launch programme aboard Falcon 9. Our tailored launch services, combined with our deep collaboration with SpaceX on their rideshare missions, encompass a high level of flexibility and a diligent consideration for customer mission requirements. Our teams are working together at a high speed in the NewSpace spirit towards the upcoming launches later this year.”

The launch agreements mark the beginning of Plan-S satellite programmes and pave the way to continued cooperation between our and their companies on future missions.


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