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Plan-S, Türkiye's leading NewSpace project, takes selfie from space

Plan-S Satellite and Space Technologies, a Turkish provider of end-to-end solutions for global satellite-IoT and Earth observation services has achieved a major milestone.

Türkiye’s fast-growing space company was established in 2021 and completed its first satellite, Connecta T1.1, within 8 months after its establishment and launched it with SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter 5 Mission.

The second satellite of Plan-S, Connecta T1.2 is a test platform in the company’s roadmap toward direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity solution This satellite, which was developed and integrated within 5 months, has a software-defined radio as an IoT payload. All development, integration, and qualification processes of Connecta T1.2 are completed by Plan-S Team. The main purpose of Plan-S is to test IoT waveform designs using this in-orbit test platform. As a special surprise, Plan-S Team also added a selfie-cam payload, making it the first selfie-cam video for Turkish space industry.

The successful launch of Plan-S's two satellites is a major step forward for the space industry in Türkiye’s and beyond. In near future, the third satellite, Connecta T2.1 will be launched by SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter 7 Mission. It is a 6U satellite with high-resolution earth observation and onboard processing payloads. Connecta T2.1 is a test platform utilizing Dragonfly Aerospace Caiman multispectral camera and satellite subsystems of Plan-S. Connecta T2.1 will be the first step towards having a constellation of many satellites in Low Earth Orbit with high-resolution multispectral cameras. Moreover, this will be a major step for Plan-S to combine its satellite-based IoT solutions with earth observation data.

Plan-S is a satellite-IoT service provider in Türkiye and later covering Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East for sectors including transport, finance, energy, meteorology, aviation, and agriculture.


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