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PolarSat wins 2021 top 10 aviation tech solution award from Aerospace and Defense Review Magazine

PolarSat Inc. the technology leader in full mesh hubless VSAT modem technology, is pleased to announce, that it has been named a winner as this year’s Top Aviation Technology Solution Providers by Aerospace and Defense Review Magazine. PolarSat is recognized for the integrated VSAT Air Traffic Control Solution that leverages both PolarSats Full mesh VSAT network modem with its StreamView® Open Network Management System (NMS). The overall combination delivers to the operator both overview and control of their Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication networks, incorporating transparent management of different communication networks, such as VSAT, VHF radio and terrestrial fiber, on the same platform.

“With nearly two decades of rich experience and a highly successful track record in the air traffic management space, PolarSat provides a complete air traffic control network from the connectivity up to the overall management of the network,” mentions Jonathan Allred, managing editor of Aerospace and Defense Review.

The PolarSat solution works to combed view to all elements of ATC total traffic control communications network, which represents a strategic element within their vision to provide high reliable IP based air traffic control system. Within the integrated ATC IP network, applications like extended range VHF, AFTN, ATS/DS, ATS, ADS-B, primary and secondary radars are all supported.

The PolarSat NMS conforms to the ICAO performance-based communications concept. With industry standard key performance indicators built into the system the PolarSat NMS drives continuous performance improvements to the overall network operation and performance. Automating tracking and reporting of uptime, throughput, latency, and mean time to resolve critical issues brings a new level of insight into the performance of the network and quantify how much operational changes improve KPI performance. “We here at PolarSat could not be prouder of receiving the 2021 Top Innovations Award and all of the work the collaborative work our engineers have done with client ATC engineers to make this solution truly focused on customer driven operations improvements,” said Mr. Ron Mankarious, PolarSat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

The PolarSat solution is an open architecture that incorporates all of the main communications equipment including RF, modems, multipliers, routers, and switches contained in both the VSAT and terrestrial network. The NMS monitors and controls both the active elements as well as providing on going monitoring of backup units. This allows the network operator to recognize a problem with a backup system before it is called into service in the event of a failure of the main system. In addition, the NMS provides a complete configuration control and inventory of all system elements, thus providing automatic hardware and software version tracking.

The PolarSat StreamView® Open NMS combined with its industry leading VSATPlus®3 family of terminals provides a full mesh, hubless IP network with no single point of failure and offers the greatest ease of network configuration and expansion. It supports the most demanding network applications including high quality voice, low and high-speed data, video conferencing and IP networking - all in a single low-cost, integrated platform.


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