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Poly Labs and BOSE reach agreement on IP license and acquisition of exclusive production rights

Polymer Laboratories & Solutions LLC (Poly Labs), a 100 percent US owned and operated, fully integrated producer of advanced polyurethane molded components, has announced it has finalized an agreement with BOSE Corporation to take over its military polyurethane foam headset cushion business. Poly Labs has licensed BOSE’s military segment Intellectual Property and exclusive production rights related to the Sound Attenuating Polyurethane Foam ear cushion components found in BOSE’s market leading PICVC (combat vehicle), LEON (T5) and TICH (TTHS2) military headset product lines.

Under the agreement, Poly Labs will begin immediately supporting BOSE’s legacy US, NATO, AUS, etc. based military customers with BOSE ear cushion replacement parts. Poly Labs will also offer its advanced ear cushions to OEM military headset and helmet producers to integrate into future military designs.

Bose Corporation, headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, is a longtime customer and trusted partner of Poly Labs. The Poly Labs team has been producing BOSE’s military PICVC, LEON and TICH ear cushions for over 15 years with a dedicated, secure production area for its military division. The proprietary and specialized TPU/PU formulations provide comfort, protection, and advanced acoustic properties for maximum sound attenuation. This acquisition now allows for streamlined production and spare parts distribution directly from the source.

“Maintaining support for Bose’s legacy military customers is paramount. We are proud to offer the quality and expertise they have come to know. This represents a significant growth opportunity for Poly Labs. Not only do we get to support the current systems, but we are also eager to explore future designs as well,” comments Sarah Morrison, CEO at Poly Labs.

As Poly Labs continues to position itself as the North American leader for polyurethane products for military and defense applications, this acquisition adds another component to Poly Labs’ growing list of PU components for mission-critical and combat-ready applications, such as:

• Knee, elbow, and chest protection systems

• Dress oxford outsoles for Army, Navy, and Marines

• Fighter pilot bladder management components and systems

• Advanced impact protection padding systems for helmet liners

• Rugged PU based military boot outsoles, mid soles, and insoles

• Advanced noise attenuating foam ear cushions (via BOSE license and acquisition)

With the acquisition of these sound attenuating PU foam components, customers from around the globe can now purchase the PU foam headset cushion spare parts directly from Poly Labs.

“This tremendous and unique opportunity for Poly Labs allows us to establish and grow a global customer base in the highly technical, military component arena who can utilize our proven, industry-leading technology,” comments Dan Keeley, Vice President of Business Development at Poly Labs.

Deal terms have not been announced. Poly Labs will continue to produce these polyurethane ear cushion assemblies and spare parts from its world-class facility in Lewiston, Maine, USA.


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