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Polygiene’s subsidiary Addmaster aids the CAT® launch of the first fully antimicrobial mobile phone

The UK-based Bullitt Group, makers of military-grade smartphones and the global licensee for CAT® phones, has launched the first fully antimicrobial mobile phone - the CAT S42. The entry-level Android smartphone with antimicrobial protection is designed for military use but is now also available to the public.

the first fully antimicrobial mobile phone - the CAT S42

Every exterior component of the product including the screen made from Corning Gorilla Glass 5s has been treated with Addmaster Biomaster antimicrobial technology and tested to ISO 22196.

The technology inhibits the growth of microbes on the phone surface offering protection for the lifetime of the unit. Research shows that mobile phones harbor thousands of germs, with one University of Michigan study finding in excess of 17,000 bacteria on handsets. According to research from Deloitte, on average we interact with our mobile devices around 47 times daily. Bacteria or other microorganisms can easily transfer from the hard surfaces of your phone to your hands and face.

Biomaster technology combines with the existing CAT phone rugged credentials that ensure the device can be thoroughly and regularly washed with soaps and water, sanitizers and even bleach.

“The acquisition of Addmaster makes the company a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both soft and hard surfaces, and we clearly see synergies where existing and new partners can take advantage of our complete range of stays fresh solutions for any surface or product. And the partnership with Bullitt Group and CAT® phones is just the beginning”, says Andreas Holm, CCO of Polygiene.

Peter Cunningham, VP Product Portfolio at Bullitt Group says: “Throughout 2020 we have consistently been driving awareness of the importance of mobile hygiene for us all, but this is vital for those among our customers working within a health or social care setting and those visiting multiple sites for their job.”

“Using a CAT phone already allows them to have confidence that they can wash and sanitize their CAT phone regularly or between visits. The addition of antimicrobial product protection into the CAT S42 is another first for CAT phones and will make the CAT S42 more hygienic for users - such an important feature in the current climate.”

The Biomaster-treated CAT S42 is the first of a series of devices in the Bullitt Group phones range with antimicrobial technology, with others coming later in the year.

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