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QuadSAT productises its drone-based antenna testing solution

QuadSAT has launched a productised version of its ground-breaking drone-based antenna test and verification system. Previously available only as a managed service delivered by QuadSAT engineers, the solution can now be also be acquired for own testing needs. Users can carry out their own testing, anytime, anywhere, using QuadSAT’s testing solution.

QuadSAT’s innovative drone-based system for test and verification of antennas and radio frequency equipment is fully automated, flexible, and location independent. It consists of state-of-the-art drone technology, integrated with a custom RF payload as well as automation and measurement software. A broad range of testing missions can be undertaken, anytime, anywhere, depending on user requirements.

With this announcement, users can now carry out their own drone-based tests and measurements on antennas and radio frequency equipment, without the need for QuadSAT engineers on site. Users will receive detailed training from QuadSAT prior to deployment and support will be available as required. The managed service, which involves QuadSAT engineers carrying out the testing, will continue be available when desired.

The availability of the solution as a product was made possible through funding received from the ESA ARTES Core Competitiveness programme and support from partners such as the Global VSAT Forum (GVF).

Joakim Espeland, CEO of QuadSAT, commented: “Being able to deliver our solution as a product will help us to significantly scale deployment, bringing accurate yet cost-efficient testing to more users across the globe. While we will continue to deliver the service where it makes more sense, we anticipate many entities having to conduct ongoing tests will benefit from having their own version in house together with the training to deploy it effectively.”

QuadSAT will be presenting its drone-based solution for RF and antenna testing and measurements on its booth (U63) at Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany from 15th - 17th November.


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