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Quickchannel to offer fully integrated AI for speech to text from January 2022

Quickchannel, a provider of high-performance online streaming and recording services, has announced its upcoming work with Scriptix, the go-to partner in speech-to-text customisation techniques.

Quickchannel entered into a partnership with Scriptix in 2021 to train and build a unique AI model for speech-to-text. Following the successful collaboration, Quickchannel will be providing a fully integrated AI for speech-to-text from January 2022. The new service will have support for both English and Swedish speakers, with the Swedish AI engine able to work with Quickchannel's customer data.

Scriptix is a European-owned company based in the Netherlands, with its servers based in Europe, which was an important factor in the partnership. Security and data protection is a priority when seeking partners, with the collaboration needing to abide by Quickchannel's focus of delivering a GDPR and Schrems II compliant service with cutting edge technology.

Speech recognition enables users to make audio content accessible. Useful information is often locked away in audio and is not always easy to retrieve. By applying speech-to-text, audio is turned into text and becomes both accessible and searchable in a word format. Once this is done, the output can be used as automatic subtitles for people suffering from hearing loss and as a way of indexing content in order to make large archives more convenient.

Speaking on the partnership, Viktor Underwood, CEO at Quickchannel, says: “An accessible video streaming solution is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Following the pandemic, we saw a continued need to be able to deliver accessible webcasts, team meetings, leadership summits and virtual trade shows in both Swedish and English for those who rely on transcribing and revisiting audio content.

“As a company that prides itself on its streaming services, we recognised the value of partnering with Scriptix to deliver a standout experience for our users. Based on their reputation, experience in the market, customer service and cutting edge technology, we immediately saw the value in partnering with them.”

Frans Olsthoorn, CEO at Scriptix, says: “With businesses continuing to use online services, content providers have had to adapt to new customer demands, which is why speech-to-text tools have become so important. By allowing viewers of streams to subtitle and archive videos, we are well-positioned to help businesses like Quickchannel overcome some of the obstacles their users face when it comes to making AV content better digitally accessible for people who are deaf or suffering from hearing loss. At the same time, this helps organisations to adhere to accessibility guidelines and create greater inclusion.”

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