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Quilty forecasts space Industry transactional activity to accelerate into the fourth quarter

A newly released report by global Satellite & Space sector analysts at Quilty Analytics LLC reveals increased transactional activity in the space sector during Q3 2021. Mergers and acquisitions set the pace for vibrant activity with a disclosed deal value of US$5.1 billion while public offerings totaling US$2.9 billion in gross proceeds and venture equity financings raising US$1.7 billion all helped contribute to the upward trend.

“We anticipate the pace of transactional activity to temporarily accelerate through the end of the year across many sectors of the Satellite & Space ecosystem,” said Chris Quilty, Quilty Analytics founder and veteran space sector analyst. “We expect to see an uptick in strategic divergence between today’s leading space players.”

The report highlights key Satellite & Space sector themes underpinning the third quarter, including sustained LEO and Satcom sector investment, and greater capital availability for early-stage investments as entrepreneurs capitalize on new ideas, disruption, and increased financing available for space companies.


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