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Quilty Space launches a new brand identity and innovative business intelligence platform

Quilty Space (formerly Quilty Analytics), a global leader in space sector intelligence, has introduced a new brand identity to better reflect its expanding role as a provider of pace-setting industry insights across the entire satellite & space ecosystem. The new branding aligns with the scaling of the Quilty Space team and the expansion of its research, strategy, and M&A advisory activities. It also marks the launch of the Quilty Space Business Intelligence Platform.

Designed to help “fuel the space economy,” the Quilty Space Business Intelligence Platform provides industry, investor, and government stakeholders with unparalleled access to market intelligence and financial tools, including daily news flashes, M&A and investment data, company deep dives, and ongoing industry insights.

“Our web-based Quilty Space Business Intelligence Platform will feature integrated analytics, up-to-date market analysis, and actionable insights to equip users with the tools they need to adapt to the ever-changing space economy," said Quilty Space Co-CEO and President Chris Quilty. "By channeling our strengths in both space research and finance, we are driving better strategy, investment, and policy decisions for our clients."

Debuting in May 2023, the platform will also enable users to expand their industry reach through the complementary technical expertise, decisioning tools, and comprehensive space ecosystem directory developed by Quilty Space’s partners at the Global Space Exchange (GSE). Quilty Space Co-CEO and CFO Justin Cadman said the collaboration is powered by a “shared vision for robust space sector strategic and financial intelligence.”

New elements of the Quilty Space brand identity include a revamped company name, logo, color palette, website, and purpose. Together, they signal the firm’s rapid growth and its cutting-edge leadership in business intelligence focused exclusively on the satellite & space sector.

  • Name & Logo: Quilty Space builds on Quilty Analytics’ legacy as a trusted source of industry expertise and a dependable guidepost for navigating the ever-changing space economy.

  • Color Palette & Design: A strategically chosen palette of cool hues symbolizes a cerebral, fresh, and modern look while helping to prevent eye strain resulting from scrutinizing detailed data sets. Future Quilty Space reports will feature updated graphic design elements that lend to faster information processing.

  • Brand & Purpose: “Business Intelligence to Fuel the Space Economy,” harnesses the spirit and motivation behind the reinvented Quilty Space strategy and vision.

Quilty Space’s new brand identity and live demonstrations of the Quilty Space Business Intelligence Platform will be showcased at Booth #735 at The Space Foundation’s 38th Annual Space Symposium, to be held from April 17 to 20 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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