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Raytheon Technologies awards CAES $172m multi-year contract

Raytheon Technologies awards CAES $172m multi-year contract

CAES has received an award of $172.7 million from Raytheon Technologies (RTX) in support of a major international missile program. This award covers the next three lots of follow-on production for the missile data-link assembly.

“CAES is at the forefront of RF electronics and advanced EW capabilities, supplying critical components that our customers rely on,” said CAES President and CEO Mike Kahn. “CAES has been a long-time partner of RTX and we value our continued relationship supporting their mission and advancing capabilities to defend and defeat future threats.”


CAES is a critical subsystem provider to the missiles and munitions market on almost all key platforms covering a broad range of advanced electronic capabilities, including antennas, flight termination receivers, telemetry assemblies, preselectors, RF processors, converters, RF heads, RF front ends, receivers, and data links.


Partnering with customers, CAES designs and manufactures complex microwave and millimeter wave solutions for electronic warfare, radar, and other mission-critical needs. Learn more about CAES’ advanced capabilities here.


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