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ReOrbit signs a deal with SatixFy

Reorbit´s Gluon platform

ReOrbit and SatixFy Communications have announced a purchase deal of a communication subsystem for Reorbit´s Gluon platform. Gluon is a highly flexible software-defined satellite platform, capable of accommodating several types of payloads, from Earth Observation to Relay laser communications services. This platform will utilise state-of-the-art SatixFy radios to accommodate the need for high data rate links to enable communication between the Reorbit Satellites and the ground segment.

SatixFy’s regenerative On-Board-Processor is the first of its kind re-using the Gen1 based on Sx3099 DVB-S2X SDR ASIC that was delivered in 2022 and will fly in the second quarter of 2023. This regenerative processor is re-configurable and built on modular and scalable solutions for Earth Observation or Telecommunication missions.

“Collaboration is key to spearheading the digital transformation in the industry, and we’re thrilled to foster it together with the SatixFy team to bring our flexible satellites to market. ReOrbit will continue to push the envelope and ensure we provide global critical services to cater to the time-to-market need of today’s customers,” says Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder & CEO of ReOrbit.

“SatixFy’s Satellite payload solutions offer low SWaP, modular, production-ready designs, software-reconfigurable capabilities, and operations. SatixFy’s payloads solutions include the use of innovative, in-house-developed radiation hardened ASICs, which reduces the cost, complexity and risk of the final product,” added Charlie Bloomfield, CEO of SatixFy Space Systems.


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