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Reticulate Micro joins Satcoms Innovation Group as Director Member

The Satcoms Innovation Group has announced Reticulate Micro as a Director Member. This will see CTO and EVP Product & Services, Mark Steel, represent Reticulate on the Board of Directors.

Reticulate Micro joins Director Members Eutelsat, Intelsat, and Kratos.

SIG fosters innovation within the satcom industry through promoting relationships between operators, manufacturers, and solutions providers. It aims to enable industry stakeholders to identify, address, and solve technical challenges facing satcom through collaboration and the mutual prioritisation of these issues.

Delivering trusted and resilient communications over any transport and in any environment, Reticulate Micro is building one of the world's first quantum-protected open-source platforms for robust video streaming, simplified terminal management and multi-orbit satellite connectivity. Reticulate has recently formed a new business segment, Reticulate Space, focused on multi-orbit satellite communications management technologies.

Helen Weedon, Managing Director of SIG, commented: “I am happy to welcome Reticulate as a SIG Director Member. Mark and the team offer a wealth of knowledge and insight from the industry, providing SIG with an in-depth perspective of multi-orbit networks within satcom. Mark and Reticulate are a hugely valuable addition to the SIG board.”

Mark Steel serves as Executive Vice President, Product & Services for Reticulate Micro and Chief Technology Officer of Reticulate Space. Steel is a 35-year veteran of the communications and satellite industry, who spent over a decade at Inmarsat, now part of Viasat, where he was VP of Product Development and Strategy and established the type approval function for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress broadband network.

“The delivery of sophisticated solutions for the satcom industry is crucial to servicing the needs of our customers. Joining SIG allows us to liaise with other stakeholders in our industry and influence how the latest challenges are met,” said Steel, adding, “We look forward to working alongside all SIG members to establish and maintain the latest iteration of the industry as versatile and resilient.”

Mark Steel and Reticulate are joining SIG at SATELLITE 2024 where he will participate in the SIG and GSOA Roundtable Breakfast, hosted by Kratos. This discussion will review the current state of Flat Panel Antennas.

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