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RevGo Global appoints David Liddle as its Chief Commercial Officer

RevGo is pleased to announce the appointment of David Liddle as its Chief Commercial Officer to manage the company’s growth in the exploding satellite markets. Liddle’s background and experience are well suited to navigate the company’s new RF solutions required from the numerous satellite platforms planned for GEO, LEO, and MEO with greater linearity, expanded frequencies and bandwidths, higher efficiencies, smaller size and weight, and lower costs compared to traditional satcom systems.

David Liddle, Chief Commercial Officer of RevGo

RevGo Global produces satellite earth station RF systems and has well over 1,000,000 transceivers deployed in the C-, X-, and DBS-, Ku-, and Ka-bands with output powers ranging from 2 to 250 watts.

Liddle, a 30-year veteran of the satellite industry, has lead sales and marketing teams for companies such as Ultisat, Comtech EF Data, Verestar and Comsat. Most recently he has been the managing partner of a leading international consulting firm to the satellite and data center industries, as well as he is the founder of The Deondo Company, a leading supplier of modular, mobile meeting spaces for the events industry.

“We feel fortunate to have David join our team and help us continue growing the company,” stated Dr. Engle, President of RevGo Global. “We believe David will be an essential team member to enhance our name recognition and deliver products to new customers who require our smaller, lighter more powerful RF packages with higher data throughput.”

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